We are proud and honoured to showcase our references over the past years with touch points all over the world:

Torm A/S

During my 18 years of sailing as a marine engineer, I can without a doubt say that the retrofit boiler operation system that Kvist Automation installed on Torm Lene is the most user-friendly, stable and easily optimisable system I have ever had the pleasure of.

Throughout the retrofit project, I experienced the Kvist Automation team as extremely professional.

After initial commissioning of the system, we maintained close contact with Kvist Automation to ensure optimal operation of the system. Another thing that really sets KA apart from other systems is their online documentation and help screens. All values, switches, breakers, panels and cards can be viewed in real time on the touch screen, both locally and remotely. They were also very receptive to our feedback and wishes for additional features once we got to know the system

Rasmus J. Skaun Hoffmann, Chief Engineer, Torm A/S

BSO Svendborg

‘As Vessel Manager for MR tankers, I worked with Kvist Automation on several automation projects. Boiler automation, alarm columns and MGO collection tanks etc.

Kvist Automation delivers high quality every time, and you just know that your problem is in good hands, when Kvist Automation shows up’.

Bo Sørensen, Owner BSO Svendborg

Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant

When looking for partners helping us with corrective- and preventive maintenance in a nuclear power plant we seek highly skilled and quality thinking personnel.

This we find at Kvist Automation. Kvist Automation has helped OKG with corrective maintenance during plant operation but also during our outage, and always in a very professional way.

We find the company easy to collaborate with and they always do their utmost to satisfy the customer.

Stefan Eriksson, Maintenance Engineer I&C