Our services for the Marine sector includes services of all instrumentation and control systems of the ships, regardless of manufacturer. That includes

  • Boiler and combustion service
  • Main and auxiliary engines
  • Cargo control systems
  • Service of Inert Gas Generators

Typical service jobs could be

  • Troubleshooting and faultfinding for boilers
  • Repair of Aalborg Mission Boiler systems
  • Replacement of Unisab controllers for Aalborg Marine Boilers
  • Test and calibration of instrumentation
  • Startup and commissioning and automation systems

The service includes the use of our newest equipment to detect and verify any defects. Our experience tells us that defects, discovered before they become a problem, will save considerable sums of money in connection with future repairs.

We make sure that parts with defects that are not yet visible to the eye are found to avoid risks for both equipment and personnel.

Boiler and combustion services

Kvist Automation can supply all spare parts for Aalborg Boilers, Aalborg Industries and Alfa Laval marine boilers. We can replace all hardware parts in your boiler system, so you avoid very expensive hardware and software upgrades.

We visit the ship and replace only the necessary components and restart your system. We make sure your boiler system runs smoothly for many years ahead. We bring along all necessary parts, and a service visit can often be combined with a port visit.

At the same time, we can go through your entire boiler system to ensure the combustion process is optimised so the combustion is working correctly. In this way, you can optimise your fuel consumption considerably.

We have our one boiler control system and can provide a turndown ratio of 1:40 for a steam atomizing burner system.