Nautilog®- planned maintenance

in 2008 Kvist Automation introduced a tool – Nautilog® –  for carrying out planned and documented maintenance. We have had great success with this approach, as it has been statistically proven that more than 80% of the faults found during service could have been avoided with a more structured maintenance approach.

It is also a very cost-effective approach. The cost of unplanned repair is often 20-30 per cent higher than planned repairs. If a fault occurs while a vessel is at open sea, or you are in a high season for a production plant, and you have no possibility for self-repair, the financial consequences can be substantial, not just for the repair but also in terms of lost production time.

With a Nautilog® solution, you make a contract with Kvist Automation about planned and documented maintenance.

Everything is documented

We create a database with all critical components on the system with the product name, serial number, production number and presetting. A detailed plan for when and how maintenance must be carried out on a 3, 6, 9 or 12 months basis is made. In this way, we ensure that faults are detected and components replaced before a major breakdown occurs.

Reducing cost

Nautilog® is a tool that has the potential to reduce your cost of unplanned repairs and unwanted disturbances in your workflow to an absolute minimum.